Chicken Nugget and French Fry are a brother/sister pair that would love to find a forever home together. They were found as strays in Philadelphia with a few other siblings when they were just a few weeks old. Chicken Nugget is the bigger brother of the 2 and he is very rambunctious and playful. French Fry lives up to her name as a small fry and prefers to snuggle up next to you and knead away....
!!!Not Currently Available for Adoption!!! This animal has only recently entered the shelter and is not yet available through ACCT Phillys Adoptions Programs. Pending medical exam and behavioral assessment, this animal may be available through our Ad...
2 lb. Bag. got from the vet. Dont use for our pup didnt want to throw it away. Comes with $5 coupon. $35 value
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